Monday, 15 June 2015

xdman- The Download Manager

xdman or xtreme download manager is an awesome download manager client that can download a file upto a speed of 500%. It support any browser with browser integration support. Developed by Mr. Subhra Das Gupta- a software developer from Tech Mahindra, India. xdman support resume download, it  can download large files, hd videos and even flash embed videos. Available in .tar.gz (generic linux), .deb (ubuntu, debian, mint etc) and .exe (windows) file extension.

I have tested it on kali linux, ubuntu and debian linux and it's running fine. To download xdman,
1. Goto For kali linux platform, I chose Generic Installer for Linux/ OS X.
2. Download the file and save it on specified folder.
3. Navigate the file to extract it.
4. Read install.txt file from the folder to proceed to the next step of installation. Make sure Java Runtime Environment and flash plug-in (if you want to download flash videos) is installed on your system.
5. Open terminal window and goto the extracted folder of xdman, run ./install and you are done. A window of xdman will pop-up with browser integration. Depending on the browser setting, please configure browser integration.

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  1. You should include how to run the install from the terminal. I am a newbie in terminal