Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tips: Network setting in virtual machine

For Laptop user

When you are trying your hand on a new OS, it is always a good idea to test that OS in a virtual machine (vmware player, oracle vm virtualbox etc) rather than installing it on a hard drive. By doing so, you can not only save your time and effort but if somehow your OS crashes, due to some or the other reason, then you can re-install it easily. Virtual machine gives you a virtual environment, where you can install multiple OSes and test them easily. It also allows you to connect multiple virtual OSes in a network (every OS shown here represent different machine, that can communicate with each other via virtual ip address). If you have installed Kali Linux on virtual machine, then change the network setting to NAT mode and your virtual OS will now act as wired virtual machine in LAN. But, if you want your virtual OS to connect wireless, then change your network setting to Bridge mode on your virtual machine and it will ask ssid and password to connect to your virtual network.